CLIMagic 2012 Survey Results

What follows are the results of a survey conducted between 2012-03-24 and 2012-04-01 mostly by those following the @climagic account on Twitter and There were a total of 1460 survey responses, of which 1034 (70.8%) were completed and submitted. The results only dealt with the 1034 completed responses and in some places, I excluded those responses where people didn't give complete answers. At the time of the survey climagic had around 11,000 followers and I promoted the survey almost every day while it was open.

For the most part people seemed to answer the questions accurately although there were a few places where I think people were confused. However, the results are pretty good.

Thanks again to all those that took the survey and for taking the time to try to answer questions accurately. I may go back later and add more to the results from other ways of combining the answers.

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